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Thank you for coming to the VB-Tips website.  This web site has programing tips and tricks for the .net versions of Visual Basic.  Most of the tips will work with the express editions of Visual Basic but some of them will require the full version of Visual Studio.

This site is maintained by Ken Tucker and Cor Ligthert

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Ken Tucker

MVP Logo Ken is the President of the Space Coast .Net User Group and a frequent speaker at florida Code Camps. Ken is also a Microsoft MVP in Visual Basic. Ken be reached at Ken@VB-Tips.com

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Cor Ligthert

MVP Logo Cor has started as developer for computers in 1968 on IBM-360. Before that time, he was involved with mechanical business machines. The first Microsoft product he used was Cobol-80 on CP/M. At a certain moment, Cor lost his interest in developing, because he got the idea that had seen everything more than once. This was as well because of the “cut, copy and paste” development that became in his idea hype in that time. His interest became the interaction between humans (users), computers, and the organization in all aspects. Internet and especially .Net brought back his interest to development. Although that he finds C# a great development tool, is his favourite VB.Net. Cor can be reached at Cor@vb-tips.com
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